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Month: August 2017

Black Diamantés for Uthopia’s Black Pearl

Back in July I was asked to make a ‘good luck’ gift in the form of black diamanté spur straps for an up and coming young dressage rider….They were gifted to Robyn Walker who was due to compete in the Advanced Medium dressage competion at Sheepgate Byrds on 21st August 2017.

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Trying out a gym ball

Have you ever offered up a chance for your horse to play with a gym ball? No?! Then do it! You must! It is the most delightful event to watch if your ponio’s have never seen one before. With Olly’s imminent arrival I have started to purchase a couple of items of tack and equipment

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My Adaptation of Black Beauty…

Who would have thought that what I am about to tell you is really going to happen… Remember the Thoroughbred I told you all about that I brought when I was 30 years old? Remember that I had to re-home him (and our pony, Jakey) due to a family financial crisis we found ourselves in? 

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She Means Business

Years ago I would read lots of fictional or bibliography style books but nowadays I just read books I can learn from, mainly business or social media books and recently I brought a cracking book. I believe that if I keep learning and not become complacent then I will take action that will result in

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Riding other peoples horses and ponies

In my experience, as soon as you have your first riding lesson on these four legged beasts we call horses and ponies, you are hooked. I remember as a seven or eight year old being asked to go riding with a school friend and soon after becoming absolutely besotted with everything to do with ponies.

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Taking Action…

For the whole of my adult life I have wanted to be someone more than the average Jane Doe. Don’t get me wrong I have never wanted to be a celebrity and portray the ‘everything is perfect’ image but I have always wanted to be a business owner, or somebody people look up to and

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