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Month: July 2017

Losing my boys…

…but when I say my boys, I mean the four legged equine sort. Since the age of eight I have ridden horses and ponies. And for all those years I was never graced with owning my own. My parents always said we couldn’t afford one and this may well have been true but I think

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No Cancer Lives Here…

…today is a day that I will mark down in my history book, that I will be very thankful for my Guardian Angels and all the good karma I have received recently, because today was the momentous day I was reassured I did NOT have cervical cancer. Two months ago I experienced symptoms that gave me cause

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Level 3 Bridle Making…The Final Week (Part 2)

What an exhausting but thoroughly enjoyable week I’ve had. So Friday was meant to be, or so I thought, my assessment day but there was no Assessor due in so I was just training and practising doing my practical piece to the clock. I certainly wasn’t as nervous as the last assessment I did against

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Level 3 Bridle Making…the final week (Part 1)

Hi Everyone, I am sat on the bed in my guest room at Websters B&B in Salisbury on day 2 of my week long training and assessment for the Level 3 Bridle Making qualification. On Monday I started the journey to Salisbury which usually takes me 2½ hours (120 miles) mainly down the M5. I

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What is a VA?

As I mentioned in a previous post , I am starting to branch out in a slightly new direction alongside training to become a Saddler. It won’t replace my Saddler business but instead will provide me with an extra income to pay the bills whilst I transfer from one day job to another. At present

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