Heels to Horses

A journey from the corporate industry into the world of saddlery

Month: February 2017

I LOVE eBay…

I’m generally not a big shopaholic and I don’t spend money (if I ever have any) at designer outlets or on mail order. In fact my husband colours my hair at home, I shop in vintage shops or Ebay and when I want my own nails or beauty treatments doing I just do them myself,

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A Gift From The Tax Man…

Who said the tax man was all bad? For the first time ever, I have received a gigantic ‘gift’ from the tax man! Before I set up ‘The Lady Saddler’ business last September, I had previously run a hobby business called Hunters Cottage Art. I had learnt a new skill called paper cutting which is

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A Dream Becoming Reality…

I have always had the desire to become self employed and although I have had several businesses of my own I have always been a hard working and dedicated employee alongside them; after all this was always the wage that paid the bills at the end of the month. I have set up and run

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Starting a project…

​When I feel the world is against me or I need to have some ‘me’ time I usually like to go horse riding but these last 4 weeks have been really tough and I don’t have the desire to do anything physical.  I blame this feeling partly on the time of year; it’s still winter

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