Heels to Horses

A journey from the corporate industry into the world of saddlery

Month: January 2017

Making my first proper sale…

Christmas 2016 was the first real opportunity for me to make and sell some leather products since launching my business, The Lady Saddler in September. Due to still working full time, being a mum and a wife as well as attend saddler training every three months meant I already had a lot to do so I didn’t

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New Year’s Resolutions, Goals, Plans or Dreams?

I don’t know about you but I stopped making New Year Resolution’s when I was a teenager. I mean really, who has kept to the ‘I must lose weight’ statement anyway? For years I never made a bold statement or even make any plans for the future. I lived for the moment and that was

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Depression and my five tips on how to help yourself

I am not proud nor ashamed to say that I have and still do suffer with depression and anxiety. However I did used to believe that only ‘mad’ or ‘attention seeking’ people suffered with these characteristics…wow…how wrong was I?! I grew up in what seemed a tight knit family. My father was a hard working

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Happy New Year 

Happy New Year! Yes, this is a lot later than anticipated. I had hoped to bring the New Year in with a new blog post on the first of the month but circumstances evolved that delayed this process. So how was your Christmas? Mine, was a mixed bag to be honest. Although I loved watching

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