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Why A Saddler?

Most people have a dream when they are younger to be like a certain person or to have a certain job; I did not want to be a saddler. If fact, at 16 years old I was preparing to attend Equine college in Warwickshire, to undertake an Equine based qualification of some sort, with a

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First Week Comes To An End.

Today has been a day of mixed emotions. I was a little sad to be leaving the B&B where John and Ronnie have taken good care of me. I had the amazing full English breakfast for the last time (until the next time I go down lol 🙂 ), and after checking out I got

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I Made A Headcollar!!!

Today has been amazing, I mean totally amazing! 😀 Being the 4th day, most trainees on the Level 2 Bridle Making course are usually at the point of finishing off their leather headcollar or having to complete it at home (or the next training week); some of the trainee’s on my current course have already

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Putting It All Together…

Firstly, I send my apologies for bringing you this blog entry late. I got back to the B&B last night after having chips for tea and I crashed out on the bed and only woke up cold at 3.53am this morning. What a muppet I am! 😀 So, yesterday was day 3 of my training.

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It’s All In The Preparation…

Today has been a really good day. Firstly, I have to mention the breakfast at the B&B is to die for. Fruit juices, grapefruits, prunes, peaches, cereals, full English breakfast if you want it, a vegetarian option if preferred or there’s beans on toast, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, or kippers…lovely! My new buddy very

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What Is a Saddler?

The definition of a Saddler is ‘a person who makes, repairs, or sells saddlery’. Saddlery is: (1) Equipment made from leather used on horses, i.e. saddles, bridles and harnesses; (2) A shop that sells the leather equipment used on horses; (3) The craft or business of someone that makes and/or sells the leather equipment used

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Learning A New Skill…

Hey! I made it. I drove 120 miles all by myself; it wasn’t without a challenge though. To start with I had quite a tumble off the horse yesterday. We were on our way out for a hack when she spooked, spun on her heels, bucked and caught me off guard. I fell head first onto my

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Learning To Ride…

In the beginning I was an 8 year old with a school friend called Victoria, who had a pony. She asked me to go with her to see her pony after school one day and the rest we say is history. I learnt to ride at Victoria’s Dad and Step Mum’s riding stables. They had

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7 Days To Go…

Just 7 days to go before I make my way to Salisbury to start my first week of training.

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A Royal Birthday Bash

So who watched the Royal birthday celebration event last night (15th May 2016) which was set at Royal Windsor? I did, it was a spectacular event; I just wished I had been there to see it in person. I love the Royals. I love everything they stand for, I love the country estates, the mounted calvalry

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