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Why I abandoned my Social Media Accounts.

I did something a little bit extraordinary last week, which would either liberate you or put you into turmoil; I abandoned the social media accounts for Heels To Horses. Why did I start the social media accounts? Pretty much since the day I launched the Heels To Horses blog site in May 2016, I have

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Making A Stirrup Keyring

One of the most successful accessories I have made to date which I sell via the Lady Saddler website shop is the Stirrup Keyring. Using the best of British bridle leather, known in the industry as Sedgewicks Leather I traditionally cut and prepare the strips of leather by hand with my saddler tools, many of

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Happy 2nd Birthday Anniversary to The Lady Saddler

Today is the day that my business ‘The Lady Saddler’ turns two years old. After completing a basic leatherwork course in April 2015, and a further two more intermediate level courses in August 2015 I quickly fell in love with the idea of working with leather. I eventually enrolled onto a self-funded Adult Training Scheme

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A New Style Of Saddle Bag

I have been working on a little project recently that has turned out to be something really quite special and I thought it was time I shared it with you all. Since starting my Saddler training, three years ago, I have had a few old saddles gifted to me to use as examples to work

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Saddler Training: The What, The Where and The How!

Since I started blogging (in 2016), about my journey to becoming a Saddler, I have been asked on many occasions how I found the saddler training; so I thought I’d write a post about it. Firstly, I did what most people must do…I searched Google! I don’t know about you but since the Internet has

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Olly Goes Back To School

Last week whilst we were away in Cyprus for a friend’s wedding, our friend’s Sue Brennan and Jade Clark from Brennan Equestrian had Olly on a schooling livery. Being as I’d started re-schooling Olly before we went away I didn’t then want to leave Olly in a field for 12 days doing nothing as we

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Getting Back on Olly for the First Time This Year.

Spring time has been particularly wetter than first anticipated but sure enough we got Olly tacked up and took him out…

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Worming a horse

Equine Worming – Do you have a plan?

Unless you are a new horse owner (or loaner), like me, you should be well versed in the requirements of equine worming. However, not all of us know everything and certainly since I last owned Olly guidelines regarding worming has changed, so this is a little post to remind or advise those of you who may be a little rusty when it comes to worming your horse.

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Hilarious Behind the Scenes Image’s of the New Blog Cover Photo

I have wanted to change the main image of this blog and social media cover photo’s for a while now to depict what my blog Heels To Horses is all about. My vision was to have my laptop and some of my personal effects displayed on a desk which shows the journey of being a

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Clair 2018

So, I’m kind of a blogger…

…some of you have followed me since day dot (April 2015) when I started my journey of working as a Corporate PA to training to become a Saddler.

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